Monday, February 11, 2013

Killed It!!!

I saw an email from Fleet Feet the other day advertising a free 5K for tonight.  I asked my cousin if she was up for it.  She said she was in, so I packed it up early at work tonight and headed that way.  My running buddies told me this morning they were expecting a PR.  I thought it was a possibility as it was a night race (I run faster at night), and I've been putting in lots of miles and feeling stronger.  My last PR was a 33:27 last April. 

I forgot my watch, which was a little frustrating, because I had no clue on my distance or speed the whole time.  I told Emily before we started I was going to shoot for a PR and she was a huge encourager.  So, race started and I kicked it, probably a touch too fast.  I think the first mile is the worst, it just takes that long to get in the groove.  But I digress, I just ran and ran hard.  Hard enough it hurt a little but with enough reserve to try to make it the whole time.  It started out on concrete, which I don't love, but then we turned and ran through a very pretty neighborhood.  There was some incline, a one short but tough real incline, but once that one was over, the last half was a lot of decline.  I tried to take advantage of every one of those.  I was going crazy in my mind wondering what my pace was, I knew I was running hard, but I just have no sense of pace. 

When we turned back into the parking lot, I was wincing to see the clock.  Couldn't see, couldn't see, finally started to make it out, 33:07, I think kick it, beat your time, until I get a little closer and see it's not 33 minutes, it's 30 minutes.  Shock I tell you, pure shock and joy!!  I run to the finish and pass the clock at 31:07.  Woo-hoo!!!!  2:20 faster than last year!!  Almost a 10 minute pace!! 

And I didn't believe it.  See, tonight was called a Ladies First.  So they started the women, then 2 minutes later started the men.  So, I think, they must have started the clock over when the guys left, and that's ok, I still PR'd.  So I found the race girl, and asked if they started the clock over.  She said NO!!!  I fist pumped, might have scared her a little, and a grin that would not go away crossed my face.

So here I sit, with achy legs, and a goofy grin!  I'm one excited girl!  Thanks to Emily for meeting me (wouldn't have made it otherwise) and for cheering me on!  Good times!

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Sarah Shumate said...

Awesome job!! I know how good that feels! How fun to get to PR on a spur of the moment run - no time to psyche yourself out! :o) Got your team together yet for Relay Rutherford?