Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

ITS OK....

that I have to dress like an Eskimo in my own house b/c I feel like turning the heat up is watching $ bills float out the window

that I LOVE receiving Christmas cards but don't even feel the slightest twinge of guilt over not sending them to others

that I basked in the glory of beating some 80 year old women in Rook... a win is a win

that I moved casual Friday to casual Thursday b/c I couldn't find anything but jeans to wear this morning

that I nearly stroked out after 20 minutes on the elliptical yesterday (how does what you built up leave you so fast???)

that I seriously considered taking a new mother leftover chicken spaghetti from last Saturday night (thank goodness I asked my sister her opinion first)

that I've bought myself several things while on the Christmas present hunt...

that I watch ESPN every night to see what they have to say about Tebow (there needs to be a whole seperate post on this topic)

that Christmas still makes me rediculously giddy!!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Made me think...

I was at a Thanksgiving luncheon in November, and sat with a group of people that I know, but not all of them all that well.  When I walted up they were already in a conversation, and somewhere in the mix the Twilight movie came up. Now, many of you will be shocked and appalled, but I haven't read the first one, nor have I seen any of the movies; it's not that I have a moral issue with them, I don't know enough about them to know, but I just don't read a ton of fiction, and I've never been into fantasy, wizards, warewolves, mermaids and such.  Anyway, one of the guys says he doesn't want his daughter watching, not because of the fantasy part, but because of the way they talk about "soul mates".  I've thought about it several times since he said it.  I don't remember all he said, but basically, you choose a person, and you choose to love them and you continue to choose to love them because you told God you would, that "soul mates" are unrealistic, you shouldn't look for mate to complete you.  (Some of that is what he said, mixed with my thoughts since I've been thinking about it)  Not long after, in Sunday school class my preacher was talking about how his wife was disappointed when they first married because it just wasn't all she thought it was going to be, and how she had to come to the realization that a husband wasn't going to feel her every need, that she still needed to look to God first. Twilight is definitely not the first to give us this concept, most little girls grow up hearing about Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and their prince charmings, we see it all the time, so I'm not dogging everyone's favorite set of books, just a conversation that made me think.

I know all this, I've known all this, but it's all been a good reminder.    

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

ITS OK....

that I just gave a co-worker her birthday present, and her birthday was in October

that the majority of my blog's page views are from Russia?!?! (what's that all about)

that my Vols aren't going to a bowl game *tear*

that my workouts have become few are far between

that I knowingly wore a sweater to work that has a hole in it and now I have to conciously keep my right arm down (hey, it's the only brown sweater I have!)

that the cold weather makes me want to eat only comfort food, pasta for supper two nights in a row!

that a few people on my Christmas list have nothing

that I completely overtook my Sunday school class last week with my non-stop talking

that my office looks like a paper tornado hit it!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Can you tell I'm hungry??

Linking up at The Vintage Apple I'm so hungry right now. This is all looking good...

Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Rollups, um, yes!!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Green Beans and Bacon

I actually made a version of the pasta the other day, winner!!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Isn't anything in a trifle bowl lovely looking??

And for some variety...

Have a great Wednesday!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankfuls - The Last of Them

I'm bound and determined to finish...

Day 22 - I'm thankful for lifetime friends, Erin and Brianne.  Seriously, the friends I remember forever, first ones.  We might not be "best friends" or see each other all the time, or know everything about each other, but they've always been there, and I hope always will be.  Brianne has the kindest heart around, she'd do anything for anyone, and she's done much for me.  Erin is so easy to talk to, always makes me feel like she's glad to see me, and just has a warm, fun personality.  These girls, and the rest of their family mean so much to me!!

Day 23 - I'm thankful for spray tans.  Yes, shallow, and yes, I'm really thankful.  I've been in a tanning bed once, complete horror.  I mean that's just gross and confining, and weird.  So, let's go much less weird by spray tanning, right :-)  But for a lily white girl, it makes me feel like a sun goddess, love it!! 

Day 24 - Thanksgiving!!!  My favorite holiday of the year.  I'm thankful for a day that's all about being thankful, family, and food.  Throw in a little football, and PERFECTION!!!!

Day 25 - I'm thankful for my friend Brandi. You have friends you are attracted to because you are oppisites and those that you connect with because you are a lot alike. Brandi and I think a lot alike. When I first met her I told my mom that's who I wanted to be when I grew up. She has a great marriage, great kids, a fun job, a cool side job, and she runs. Since meeting her, I have started the running part! She does all that and still does community projects and stays involved with extended family and church. Just thinking about it makes me tired. But she does inspire me in so many ways, and she's a great sounding board. We got to know each other better on a mission trip to Honduras (see, I told you she does everything), and have been good friends ever since. I'm so thankful God put her in my life (and in my Sunday school class so that I'm not the only one talking!)

Day 26 - I'm thankful for a family named the Osteens.  All of them.  They all bless me in different ways.  They all make me smile, and the all bring joy in my life!

Day 27 - I'm thankful for my health.  I've struggled with a foot injury lately and it's so frustrating.  Then I think about those with health struggles far more severe or painful, and I'm reminded what a blessing good health is.

Day 28 - I'm thankful for my nephew, Will.  He's definitely been a great add for my family this year.  He can always bring a smile to my face, and he's given me my first overnight baby babysitting job!

Day 29 - I'm thankful for sports.  I think they teach so much and bring joy to so many, those playing and watching.  I'm thankful for coaches I had in my past who pushed me to be better.  I just can't tell you the joy I have watching people, especially kids, be great at something, and be able to show off those abilities.  Sports teach teamwork and mental toughness.  There's just something about them...

Day 30 - I'm thankful for this exercise and being able to focus on my blessings.  As you can see family and friends are incredibly important to me.  Once I call you a friend, I want to keep you.  Again, it all comes back to God, and who and what he has put in my life and allowed me to do.  As Dave Ramsey says, I'm doing better than I deserve!