Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Hurts

Have you ever loved anyone more than they loved you?  Sometimes it hurts, doesn't it?  A friend who you know you would do more for than they would do for you... A boyfriend who is never going to be the one because he doesn't love you as much as you love him... A family member who makes you feel used rather than loved.  We've all had that feeling, and in all liklihood, someone has felt all those ways about us.

It stings; it hurts.  I was thinking this week, how often does God feel that was about us?  Why can't she love me the way I love her?  Why does she doubt my love?  Why doesn't she feel complete with my love? 

How often does my doubt, my dismissal, my ignoring of God's love causes him pain? 

I'm going to do better.  Praying.  Thanking. Studying his Word.  Admiring his beautiful creation.  Admiring and befriending his beautiful people. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's Ok Thursday... or Friday

Ok, I promised my sweet sister I would post for It's OK Thursday this week, so here we go.
Please keep in mind all I've done this week is work.  I'm an accountant and trying to close the 2011 books.

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...

That I've eaten at a restaurant for the past two nights by myself just to get out of the office

That my washing machine hasn't run in over a week meaning dirty clothes are falling out of the hamper

That my new friend, the cleaning guy, said to let him know if I needed a vote for Employee of the Month because he had my back

That I screamed at said new friend, the cleaning guy, last night even when I knew he was in the building.  I need therapy for the rediculous jumpiness I have.

That I had to call a friend way too late so I wouldn't scream at new friend, the cleaning guy, when I walked thru the building to my car... even though I knew he was in the building... I have a problem...

That I'm bursting with pride that my sister's team won the district FFA Parliamentary Procedure competition tonight!!

That I texted an old FFA friend to tell her about the win and we took some time to relive the good old days

That said sister texted me today to let me know that she wouldn't be wearing my jacket because it was too old and turning orange... that didn't hurt my feelings at all :)

That my mom was right and the older you get, all the moisture leaves your body, my face is flaking off, I can't find a remedy, and I can't stand it!!!

That I'm more scared to be in this building with someone than by myself

That I'm obsessed with Words with Friends... OBSESSED

That I'm not going to be satisfied until I beat my cousin in Words with Friends, he gets me every time!

That God has to beat me over the head sometimes, but I eventually get it, at least a little piece of it.

That I want to re-do my den, but I have no skills and no idea where to start

That this post has gone on wayyyy tooooo long.

That I brought my pajamas to change into once everyone else left work.

That I'm craving a teeth cleaning

That I had to have my picture made at work today, so I tried really hard to look nice, dried my hair all the way, extra makeup... I looked horrible!!  Drunk or high in most of the pictures, the picture taking girl kept trying to say nice things, but the head lady said we had to try again b/c the best of the bunch was so awful.  Second round was not much better, but I think we found one non-drunk looking picture.

That I started a new food tracking thing, and I have a problem I never would have guessed, sugar... I don't eat sweets on a regular basis, but I do LOVE my large McDonald's Coke in the morning.  Must. Cut. The. Coke.

Ok, I'm done.  Happy Thurs...I mean Friday!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting


No theme this week, just some of my favorites...

Such a cute outfit, someday I want to know how to put clothes together...

This room looks so inviting...

Source: via Kaila on Pinterest

Just too cute...

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I love barns...

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I kind of want this in my bathroom...

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Kind of sums up my week...

Happy Wednesday Everyone, hope it's a great day!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

Happy Thursday!!

It's OK...

That my Christmas tree is still up... don't judge

That I changed into workout clothes before I met friends for dinner last night so that my clothes would match my greasy hair.

That with my new iPhone I've found new addictions such as Words with Friends

That said iPhone can't understand my Southern accent and sent this text to a friend...  "Last night call canceled late Chinese kid had dread labs at OS use uniforms"... yeah, Siri, that's exactly what I meant ;-)

That I want tomorrow's work day to fly by so that I can meet my friends for dinner tomorrow night, woo-hoo!!

That I think my nephew is the cutest kid ever and I can't wait to see him next week!!

What are you OK with this Thursday?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting - Philipians 4:8


This week I want to focus on a favorite verse, Philipians 4:8

whatever is...TRUE

whatever is...NOBLE

whatever is... RIGHT

whatever is... PURE
Source: via Liz on Pinterest

whatever is... LOVELY

whatever is...  ADMIRABLE

whatever is...  EXCELLENT

whatever is...  PRAISEWORTHY

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and happy thinking...

Monday, January 2, 2012


Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Passion... what does that word make you think about?  Bad romance novel covers?  That special someone in your life?  Well, it's neither of those for me.  Lately I've been thinking about passion in other terms, mainly the question, What am I passionate about? and I have no answer. 

I have friends who are passionate about what they do; they love their jobs.  I have friends who are passionate about their families, husbands and kids, and how they can serve them and love them.  I have friends who are passionate about side hobbies and interests.  I have none of this.  I like my job, but I'm not passionate about it.  I have an awesome, wonderful family, but no husband or kids, or people who live with me.  I work too much to have hobbies or time for outside interests, the new hobby I found last year, running, has been sidelined with an injury.  Lately I've been feeling as if my life lacks passion, and I think it's an important emotion. 

In my thoughts, combined with the Sunday school class I'm in, I've come to the realization that something I can always be passionate about is God.  I mean, think about it, our Creator, the One who sent His Son to earth to save us.  The One who always loves us, always pursues us, that's what I can, what I should be passionate about.  Not just pray sometimes, not just ready a short daily devotional, but be passionate... pray with fervor, study devoutly, consume my thoughts.  So this is my New Year's Resolution, this is what I'm committing to, and somehow, it gives me peace, it helps me quit comparing myself to others, it helps me quit thinking about my small problems, it makes me think I can be a better friend, truly one of my biggest goals in life, and it gives me a more positive outlook.  If I'm feeling this way just thinking about what I'm going to do, think about when I actually put it in practice!    :-)

Happy 2012!!