Monday, January 2, 2012


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Passion... what does that word make you think about?  Bad romance novel covers?  That special someone in your life?  Well, it's neither of those for me.  Lately I've been thinking about passion in other terms, mainly the question, What am I passionate about? and I have no answer. 

I have friends who are passionate about what they do; they love their jobs.  I have friends who are passionate about their families, husbands and kids, and how they can serve them and love them.  I have friends who are passionate about side hobbies and interests.  I have none of this.  I like my job, but I'm not passionate about it.  I have an awesome, wonderful family, but no husband or kids, or people who live with me.  I work too much to have hobbies or time for outside interests, the new hobby I found last year, running, has been sidelined with an injury.  Lately I've been feeling as if my life lacks passion, and I think it's an important emotion. 

In my thoughts, combined with the Sunday school class I'm in, I've come to the realization that something I can always be passionate about is God.  I mean, think about it, our Creator, the One who sent His Son to earth to save us.  The One who always loves us, always pursues us, that's what I can, what I should be passionate about.  Not just pray sometimes, not just ready a short daily devotional, but be passionate... pray with fervor, study devoutly, consume my thoughts.  So this is my New Year's Resolution, this is what I'm committing to, and somehow, it gives me peace, it helps me quit comparing myself to others, it helps me quit thinking about my small problems, it makes me think I can be a better friend, truly one of my biggest goals in life, and it gives me a more positive outlook.  If I'm feeling this way just thinking about what I'm going to do, think about when I actually put it in practice!    :-)

Happy 2012!!

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