Sunday, January 29, 2012

It Hurts

Have you ever loved anyone more than they loved you?  Sometimes it hurts, doesn't it?  A friend who you know you would do more for than they would do for you... A boyfriend who is never going to be the one because he doesn't love you as much as you love him... A family member who makes you feel used rather than loved.  We've all had that feeling, and in all liklihood, someone has felt all those ways about us.

It stings; it hurts.  I was thinking this week, how often does God feel that was about us?  Why can't she love me the way I love her?  Why does she doubt my love?  Why doesn't she feel complete with my love? 

How often does my doubt, my dismissal, my ignoring of God's love causes him pain? 

I'm going to do better.  Praying.  Thanking. Studying his Word.  Admiring his beautiful creation.  Admiring and befriending his beautiful people. 

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Brandi Barnes said...

Thank you. I needed that.