Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wedneday...

That's right, I'm on a blogging roll today...  It's Wednesday, and I'm loving a lot!!  Link up at This Kind of Love and tell what you are loving!

I'm loving that tonight is supper club!  I have a chance to get together with all the girls for good food and fellowship!

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I'm loving I have a trip coming up soon!  Can't believe it's almost time for NYC!

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I'm loving my early birthday present I received today, gift certificate for spray tans!!

I'm loving a potential Halloween get-together at my house, with plenty of hot soup and candy for the cute kids!

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I'm loving my co-workers who are easy going, thoughtful, and fun!  Sadly, finding a picture reflecting happy co-workers is pretty difficult!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!!

Really, for my Christmas card...

Yes, so I started running in March, and ran my 5K in May.  It was 1000 degrees.  Seriously, people who had run the race multiple years said it was the hottest day they could remember for that race.  It was terrible.  I didn't find it necessary to stop at both water breaks, which made it even worse.  I thought I might die whey I crossed the finish.  Then, I receive this photo.  Close up, you can see just how terrible and near death I was (yes, I know it was only a 5K), so of course, absolutely no way do i want this photo.  So last week, they send it to me again, this time surrounded by a cozy little Christmas frame and with an option to order it as a Christmas card.  Who would want this as a Christmas card?  Obviously people order them, and grant it, I've seen race photos far better than mine, but  the thought of sending this horrid photo to family and friends with a Merry Christmas message just cracks me up!!

How Pinteresting

These are my favorite pins today.  Share yours and link up at The Vintage Apple.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trivia Win!!... Kind of

Well, win is a bit of an exaggeration, but we placed 3rd.  Again, I'm super excited about the new camera, so I made the team take a picture with our winning scorecard and our gift card.  The plan is to save up until we can get a meal for all of us for free... at $10 a pop, should only take a year or so :-)

Ok, so between my Picasa crop and the glare off the window... I'm still learning on the picture stuff... Just imagine how cute we all are...

This shall be on my fridge by the end of the week...

Monday, October 10, 2011

I Was In Charge, All By Myself

Big news, I finally got myself a camera, maybe this will liven up the blog!! So this weekend my sister left my nephew with me for the weekend...

We really had the best time. The rest of the family (Daddy pictured :-) came for lunch on Saturday, and allowed me to get a shower (Moms, I'm not sure how y'all do it all)

We were documenting how long his hair is, he's getting the Justin Beiber look.

Side view

He wasn't completely onboard with the picture taking session

I decided clothes weren't necessary. If the peas end up on your chest, you just wipe them off, no laundry necessary.

This kid LOVES some electronics, phones, blackberries, he can't get enough!

Last one, more fun with the blackberry case. We had a great weekend, glad to know he and I can make it alone. Hope to get to do it again soon!
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