Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Really, for my Christmas card...

Yes, so I started running in March, and ran my 5K in May.  It was 1000 degrees.  Seriously, people who had run the race multiple years said it was the hottest day they could remember for that race.  It was terrible.  I didn't find it necessary to stop at both water breaks, which made it even worse.  I thought I might die whey I crossed the finish.  Then, I receive this photo.  Close up, you can see just how terrible and near death I was (yes, I know it was only a 5K), so of course, absolutely no way do i want this photo.  So last week, they send it to me again, this time surrounded by a cozy little Christmas frame and with an option to order it as a Christmas card.  Who would want this as a Christmas card?  Obviously people order them, and grant it, I've seen race photos far better than mine, but  the thought of sending this horrid photo to family and friends with a Merry Christmas message just cracks me up!!

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