Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm addicted...

I’m addicted, not just a little bit, but a LOT. To Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites today…

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Love it

When you can’t make it to the gym

Yup, hysterical! This is a conversation I would type, no wine necessary.

Yup, so I’ve pretty much started planning my wedding, we will ignore the fact I have no boyfriend :-)  Don't judge

Love me some turquoise!

I should be able to do that hair…

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

I have a random giant mirror, what a great idea!

Yes this describes some of you reading… and I love you for it!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

10 Day Challenge - Five Foods

5 foods… now this one is not hard!

1. Pasta… I love it, love it, love it. I don’t cook it much anymore b/c I have no control around it. Red sauce, white sauce, thin sauce, think sauce, I’ll eat it anyway you cook it!

2. Pizza… Yum, love some pizza on a weekend night. Papa John’s is my absolute favorite, but we don’t have one in my town, probably a good thing. But, every so often, I’ll bring one home from work (I work in a bigger town) and dig in!

3. Newk’s Favorite Salad – never ever would I have thought a salad would be in my top 5. My dad does an impression of me from when I was young at the dinner table and anything green was on the plate… let’s just say it’s very unflattering. But this salad, it’s a different story, and I attribute some of my recent weight loss to it’s lovely deliciousness!

4. Mexican food… I love a fajita quesadilla

5. My grandmother’s brown rice… so good, so easy, my friends request it if I’m cooking, it’s the best!

Now my stomach is growling, everyone have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 Day Challenge - Six Places

It’s been a busy few weeks, fun at the horse show and at the county fair, but now it’s back to reality…

6 places...

My parents’ house – I love the farm, they have a beautiful home, and it’s just a peaceful place. They have a perfect front porch for a tall glass of water and a rocking chair.

Neshoba County Fair – Coolest fair ever!! It’s in Philadelphia, MS, and it’s known as Mississippi’s Giant House Party. They have over 600 cabins on the fair grounds, people stay all week long. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit twice for a couple nights, and there is nothing like it.

Charleston – Never been, but it’s #1 on my list of places to go. I hear such wonderful things about the old homes and just the city in general.

The Beach – My favorite time is spring or fall, I’m not one for lying out all day, but late afternoon, walking the beach, that’s pretty marvelous!

Washington, D.C. – I’ve always been interested in history and politics, so D.C. is fascinating to me. Love all the museums, monuments, everything!

Austin, TX – I’ve been once to visit a friend who was in school there. It was just such a cool city. Very artsy, pretty, good food, we had a great time, and I’d love to go back!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Day Challenge - 7 Wants

7 wants…hmmm…should this be this hard??

1. I want to be content in all circumstances.
2. I want to be a friend that gives words of encouragement, listens well, and can be counted on.
3. I want to be a wife to someone who loves me in spite of my insanity (there are many more qualifications on that list, but he’d have to get past the insanity before any of the rest matters :-)
4. I want to make Dave Ramsey proud (I’m pretty good with a budget, but having no real accountability to anyone can sometimes lead to some selfish or unnecessary purchases)
5. I want to never have another sinus infection…says the girl with the hacking cough(probably not happening unless I move out of TN)
6. I want to play the fiddle
7. I want a camera to make my blog more fun…