Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Day Challenge - 7 Wants

7 wants…hmmm…should this be this hard??

1. I want to be content in all circumstances.
2. I want to be a friend that gives words of encouragement, listens well, and can be counted on.
3. I want to be a wife to someone who loves me in spite of my insanity (there are many more qualifications on that list, but he’d have to get past the insanity before any of the rest matters :-)
4. I want to make Dave Ramsey proud (I’m pretty good with a budget, but having no real accountability to anyone can sometimes lead to some selfish or unnecessary purchases)
5. I want to never have another sinus infection…says the girl with the hacking cough(probably not happening unless I move out of TN)
6. I want to play the fiddle
7. I want a camera to make my blog more fun…

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