Monday, December 12, 2011

Made me think...

I was at a Thanksgiving luncheon in November, and sat with a group of people that I know, but not all of them all that well.  When I walted up they were already in a conversation, and somewhere in the mix the Twilight movie came up. Now, many of you will be shocked and appalled, but I haven't read the first one, nor have I seen any of the movies; it's not that I have a moral issue with them, I don't know enough about them to know, but I just don't read a ton of fiction, and I've never been into fantasy, wizards, warewolves, mermaids and such.  Anyway, one of the guys says he doesn't want his daughter watching, not because of the fantasy part, but because of the way they talk about "soul mates".  I've thought about it several times since he said it.  I don't remember all he said, but basically, you choose a person, and you choose to love them and you continue to choose to love them because you told God you would, that "soul mates" are unrealistic, you shouldn't look for mate to complete you.  (Some of that is what he said, mixed with my thoughts since I've been thinking about it)  Not long after, in Sunday school class my preacher was talking about how his wife was disappointed when they first married because it just wasn't all she thought it was going to be, and how she had to come to the realization that a husband wasn't going to feel her every need, that she still needed to look to God first. Twilight is definitely not the first to give us this concept, most little girls grow up hearing about Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and their prince charmings, we see it all the time, so I'm not dogging everyone's favorite set of books, just a conversation that made me think.

I know all this, I've known all this, but it's all been a good reminder.    

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Brandi said...

OK, I'm going to have to put this out there since you brought it up. I would take this approach. It's commitment. Cinderella is my favorite fairytale, and I am a Twilight fan so take that what it is worth. I don't think that your mate is to fill every need, but it disappoints me and frightens me for our world that commitment that God commands us to have for our mate doesn't seem to be important. When two people have the same commitment to each other I do believe in happily ever after. That doesn't mean that their aren't times of sadness and heartache, but I know from experience, that with your prince charming my your side those time don't seem nearly as bad. So I guess what I am trying to say although I am not sure that is what is coming across is that I see it as true commitment that our society doesn't believe in anymore.