Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Save on all that Christmas Shopping

I post this every year.  It has saved me a ton of money, and I'd love to see you save some, too.  It's a little late for most of your Christmas shopping, but I'm still working on some last minute gifts, so I've already used one of the rebate websites today.  I'm an online shopping aholic.  I love online shopping from the couch, and in honor of the start of shopping season, here is how I make online shopping a little sweeter, rebate websites, it's all free to join and use…

Here are the ones I use and a little bit about them

Ebates has over 1,000 stores. Some that I have used include Land’s End, Expedia, OldNavy, Zappos, and Hotwire, all reliable retailers. You just go to the Ebates website, find the store you are making a purchase from and click on the store. Rebates at the different stores run anywhere from 1% to 10%. I’ve been using ebates for maybe 4 years or so, and they’ve sent me over $325 in checks so far.  Below is the link


Shop at Home is a lot like Ebates, lots of the same stores so usually I just check both sites and see who has the higher rebate amount.  So far for this one, I've received over $170 in checks. Link below.


Another I use if I’m really in the mood to check around and see who has the best % rebate back.  I actually used it today, and I've received over $190 in checks from them.


In some other random info, Ebates has recently started doing cash back for a few select Amazon categories, and they are back to doing cash back for eBay, yay!

Hope you enjoy these and make a little money back, it’s lots of fun to get those $10-$20 checks when you aren’t expecting it! Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

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