Wednesday, November 30, 2011

She makes me think...

Do you ever have those people who speak to you?  You read their articles or blog posts, and think, "we could be friends" or "how is she dealing with the same thing".  Lysa TerKeurst is one of those people for me.  Our lives look nothing alike, she is a married mother of 5 who writes devotional books and speaks.  I'm a single accountant.  But when I read her blog, sometimes I feel as if she's writing just to me.  Of course, I know that's God encouraging me, or rebuking me, or reminding me of His love.  I read her book, Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl and I loved it.  Again, we've lived completely different lives, but she still talks to me. 

Anyway, loved her blog posts both yesterday and today and wanted to share.

The first about letting go of unmet longings, we all have them, different ones, but how do we let go?  My favorite part, the prayer she had toward the end of the post...
"Lord, I sacrifice chasing this so I might more fully and with more focus chase you. I release this grip of desire. I praise you for who you are, what only you can bring, and how you will fill whatever gap this release might leave."

And the second post about taking the path of the easy, and how it's the wrong past.  This is a struggle for me, I can be lazy at times, with most everything, my food, my working out, my cleaning house, my Bible study, and she talks about how picking a pattern of easy can can lead down an ugly path.  Good reminder.

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