Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

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I just feel so very thankful this week, and I found a link up that let's me share it.  God has blessed me with lots in the past couple of weeks.  He knows me well and knows what I need.  So I've been on the receiving end of

-A much needed 2 hour walk and talk with a friend who will listen to lots of rambling
-A morning stroll with a friend who wants to work on a challenge herself in some of the same areas I do
-A beach trip with lots of great ladies including my longtime friend who never fails to make me laugh so hard it hurts
-Some new workout challenges from my cousin
-A good visit with my parents
-Lunch with some girls at work I don't have the opportunity to visit with enough
-iPhone Facetime with my nephew (have you ever used it, so cool!!)
-a Facebook message from a college friend who is one of the most encouraging, Godly, genuine people I know
-the sweetest comments and likes on a picture from the beach
-a fantastic book a friend gave me that I want to do a whole seperate post on
-the excitement of a friend's wedding and watching people committ to each other for always
-holiday time with family and friends

I've always needed a little variety and change in my world, I'm easily bored when everything feels the same, so all these little things have added the spice in my life I've been needing lately.

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