Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer Reading List

Sorry I've slacked lately, but I'm back today, and hopped over to Kelly's Korner to check out everyone's reading suggestions.  I'm the world's worst at starting books and not finishing.  So I'll start with the list of books I've half read and then add the ones I'm thinking about.

First, I saw on another friend's blog, she was reading Forgotten God.  I purchased it from my most favorite website, Amazon, and started reading.  It's quite thought provoking, discussing the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and churches, and I've enjoyed the read.

Another book I'm in the middle of is Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study GirlIt's great, lots of good suggestions on how to make more of your quiet times.

My current comic relief and something to keep me occupied now that football and basketball are over is God and Football.  Hilarious, really, I've laid on my couch and laughed out loud!!  Makes a great guy gift, too.

Now on to two that have been suggested for me.  I don't read too much fiction, but I do usually enjoy it if I ever pick it up.  First, The Help.  I've heard mixed reviews, but want to check it out.

And second, American Wife.  I've also read mixed reviews on it, but I'll probably see what I think.

And while we are at it, one more that I thinks look interesting that I may purchase now that I'm doing a little running, and am hoping to Run Your Butt Off

Kelly's Korner is loaded with great suggestions today, check them out!!

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Healthy Branscoms said...

The American Wife looks great! :) Erin

Love your blog! I am following you!