Monday, August 13, 2012


I've really never promised you anything but random thoughts on this blog, so let the madness continue.

  • For those of you who follow my running, I've had to take a little break.  I'm in week 2.5 of what I hope is no more than a 4 week break, so hopefully we'll be back on track then.
  • I'm pretty sure I've stated this, but I'm doing a half marathon in November with some friends.  We are making a girls trip out of it.  I'm super excited.  So when this hiatus is up, it's time to jump right into training and one of the girls has already thrown out a big goal for us to hit!
  • One of the girls I mentioned in yesterday's post where I'm asking all sorts of people to dinner has said yes.  Woo-hoo!  That makes 3 dinners this week.
  • I've made some comments this week about looking for new friends.  Let me make clear I love all my current friends, but I had two good friends who know me well help me come to the realization (actually, this isn't the first time I've had this epiphany, but apparently I forgot it) that I'm a much happier person when I have people in my life.  My job is a lot of sitting behind the computer.  In my mind, I'm not a people person, but really I kind of am.  I like people.  I like talking.  I like hearing your story.  I like sharing mine.  I like sharing wisdom, burdens, lessons, joys, pains, successes, disappointments, all of it.  Lots of the friends of my youth are gone to new and exciting places.  We still get to catch up every now and again, but they aren't daily, weekly, or even monthly presences in my life.  So, I'm on the hunt for new friends, new stories, new wisdom, people to share time and life with. 
  • (note to self)  Duh, Anna Catherine, I think you've mentioned on this blog 4 or 5 times that you think your love language is quality time.  You need people!  Don't forget this again
  • My sister picked me up a new running skirt.  I tried it on last night.  I love it!!  Like big time.  It comes up high and covers up my love handles, Fred and Ethel.  It seems like the legs are pretty long and will stay down.  I can't wait to run in it!
  • I read high school football message boards.  Yup, sure do.  But, I've only commented a couple times, and those were mainly when I was in college and I wanted to ask more about the games that I missed while at school.
  • The Spice Girls were my favorite part of the closing ceremony.
  • I know that it was time for the Olympics to be over, but I'm afraid I'm going to have a withdrawal period.
  • Favorite Olympic moment - Keri and Misty May winning the third gold.  Misty, are you sure you don't want to come back for Rio?
  • I really still want to document my 30th birthday and a couple other random events on the blog.  Is it bad to go back a year in time for posts?
  • I'm pretty fired up about VP pick Paul Ryan.  I like a man who knows we can spend more than we bring in.  Seems so simple, doesn't it?
  • I had a friend get me way closer than I thought was possible to thinking about running for Alderman of our city, but I mean that's a bad idea, right?
  • High school kickoff is only 4 days away!!! It's a big, big game.
Ok, enough random for Monday.  Hope it was a good one for you. 

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Andrea Delap said...

My Random Replies:
-Glad you are finding new friends.
-Had Olympics withdrawal myself.
-You are not alone. I can't be any more excited for high school football. Pretty stoked about NGA too since the nephew is the QB.
-You should have run for Alderman.