Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Weekend

  • Friday- had my hair washed and dried at the mall, who does that?  And it was fantastic.
  • Almost kissed the lady at the Clinique counter who said there was no way I was 30, and yes, that will increase your sales.
  • Had a lady at church tell me that she thought no one lived in my house - my reply, yes ma'am I'm never home and my yard is atrocious. Her reply- you could do something about that.... My thought- Why yes I could but obviously I've chosen against that.
  • Told a new kind of random person we should go to dinner (remember when I said I was taking out a personal ad for additional friends?  Well, I've decided asking "we aren't really friends, but we've met and had a conversation before" people to dinner is little less drastic measure)
  • Realized that when I locked myself out of my house the other night, all I really would have had to do was use my garage door opener.  Duh  Sorry, Daddy, didn't really have to bother you.
  • Helped work beauty pageants. Shoot me now. Was told we must have rigged it because the little boy escort that won had his finger up his nose the whole time. Well, apparently the judges must have found booger picking cute becausec I went back over the score sheets, lady, and he blew the rest of the kids out of the water.
  • Did some major rambling in Sunday school class because I couldn't make my mouth convey what my brain was thinking (often times a problem for me)
  • Cried in front of the preacher after Sunday school class because there are some things I don't understand about God and it makes me feel horribly guilty to question things.
  • Gave a fun shower for a friend and saw her receive some really cool stuff. So excited to see she an her fiancée ready to start their married life.
  • Talked to another friend who has gone thru a heartbreak. That stinks no matter how you slice it.
  • Accidentally hurt my mom's feelings over her lack of florist skills. Sorry. But I think there was a vast improvement made on Saturday. Pretty sure the flower shop will bring you in as extra help for Valentine's Day.
  • Received an insurance claim thing that says I owe a doctor a LOT of money, I hope there is a glitch somewhere on that.
  • Told another kind-of friend we should have dinner.  Then facebooked her about dinner within an hour after we left the face-to-face event.  (No, I'm not desperate and needy)
  • I have a pad poured for my porch. Woo-hoo!!
  • Then I accidentally poured coffee on the new poured bad.  Boo.
  • Watched the USA men's basketball game even though I already knew the outcome, that's a sickness.
  • Had a flashback as a soon to be college freshman talked about her fears of leaving home and her small town.
  • Hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while.
  • I had my first cup of my new Honduran coffee a friend at church picked up for me.  YUM!!
  • Wrote said soon to be college freshman a long rambling letter that I tried to insert wisdom and encouragement in.  Now the question, does she really want to read about the freshman year of a person I'm sure she considers an old lady?  And is it full of wisdom and encouragement or just rambling
  • Started with She Reads Truth, a blog/website that's kind of a giant online interactive devotional.  I'm not sure I'm completely techy enough to grasp the whole thing, but I'm enjoying reading thru Proverbs and the email devotional that comes along with it.
  • Wrote a long rambling blog post about my weekend.
Hope you had a great one!

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