Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some of my favorite blogs...

It’s amazing how you find blogs, suggestions from friends, links on blog hops, sometimes even more randomness takes you to a blog. You read it, you want to read more, and eventually you subscribe so that you are updated on all their posts. Well the following are those blogs that keep me informed, entertained, thinking, motivated, and wanting to do more. All these women (most of whom I don’t know) challenge me in some way. Hope you find one or more here you might like.

I’ve mentioned her before. She’s my cousin and my workout buddy. She’s talked me into running and late night workouts, and pushed me to do things I never dreamed I could. She tracks her journey of fitness in http://fatgirltothin.blogspot.com/

And then there is my friend who talked me back into blogging.  Melissa is a great blogger, always coming up with new idea and actually taking pictures to document events.  I'm loving her new Project 365.

  Nashville’s Melrose

And the folks I don't know...
So this blog was recommended by a friend.  While this girl is wayyyy ahead of me on the running stuff, she's just funny and fun, and gives great suggestions for running items and gear.
I grew up on a farm.  That explains part of my love of this blog.  If my mom had kept a blog when we were little, I think she would have written some of these posts word for word.  Farm life is different, the hours are strange, the solitude is strange, but it's also wonderful, fun, and a place where you learn and do things that happen no where else. 

I lack domestic skills in a serious way, but I have begun trying to cook, and every once in a while a little creative streak wants to try something.  So, this blog gives me some great ideas on different things to try.

Lastly, I happened across this blog one day, and I rarely read a post that doesn't challenge me in some way. 

I hope you find some of these interesting and worthy of adding to your favorite blogs.  Let me know what your favorites are!



Melissa said...

Thanks for the shoutout, AC! Your blog is one of my favorites, too! =)

Christan Perona said...

Thank you so much for your gracious words. What a surprise and a blessing to me today...

Christan (Heart of a Coach's Wife)