Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day Challenge - 10 Secrets

I’m trying to jump back into the blogging and I’ve now seen 2 blogs I follow doing this Hello Happiness and Happily Ever After, that’s enough to make me jump on the train. So, here we go with ten secrets…

1. Sometimes I wear yoga pants to work and pretend they are nice black pants (probably not a secret to my trendy co-workers)

2. I still have painter’s tape up in my house from before I moved in over a year ago. I’m afraid if I take it down, you will be able to see lots of messy marks.

3. I want a room of my house to be a room where people could write on the walls. I still may paint the back of my front door in chalkboard paint, I think it would be efficient, think of seeing my day’s to-do list as I walk out the door.

4. I think I want to teach high school at some point before I die.

5. I do not want to marry a man that wears a suit every day (I don’t know why)

6. I hate driving over bridges.

7. I sometimes pretend my eyes are lasers and can burn thru whatever I’m looking at (I know that ends in a preposition, but I’m not really sure what to do about it)

8. I want to do a week-long Facebook fast (this shouldn’t be hard, right??)

9. I was so excited about participating in last night’s Fantasy Football draft, I left work early and turned down trivia at the Mexican restaurant (but who got her man, Vick, that’s right, me!!)

10. Even though I think it’s bizarre to write your thoughts out for the whole world to read, I really wish I had a few more followers of my blog.

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