Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok...

...that I'm broken out like a 13 year old
...that I've let dry shampoo take the place of real shampoo a little too often lately
...that I've wanted to eat EVERYTHING in sight this week
...I just discovered Etsy... and that could be dangerous
...I finally bought a kettlebell for myself, and I'm very excited, but I also have an irrational fear of accidentally throwing it across the room
...that I wish the term "grody to the max" would come back
...that this makes me laugh
Pinned Image
...that cousin sent me an email today that was so up my demented line of humor I was laughing hysterically in my office by myself.
...that a girl at work wanted to set me up with a best friends ex-boyfriend.  She had been talking about him for a while and when she finally said his name today, I just died laughing.  What a small world.
...that I have all the new "Dallas" taped but I still haven't watched any.  I think I'm afraid they won't live up to my expectations.
...that I've become an old woman and I'm ready for bed at 10:00.  I don't know when this happened.
...that there are several countdowns going on in my life, most immediately, beach vacation, then the Olympics, then the start of football.  Much to look forward to!

Happy Thursday!


Emily said...

ok, I am totally stealing that picture!

Bring your kettlebell to the gym tonight and we can throw our weight around, hahah.

10pm is a totally acceptable bed time. So is 9:30!

Love you!

Brandi said...

1. I need in on these nightly workouts.
2. I need to know the small world guy. too funny.

Cait said...

omg ive been breaking out ridiculously too ...its so not cool :( but i love your blog girl!

Nicholl Vincent said...

Love this!!


Have a fabulous day! xo

Anonymous said...

I love grody to the max! Let's bring it back for sure!