Monday, March 21, 2011

First Run = Done

Today I started my No Boundaries program.  It's to start non-runners running, kind of like the Couch to 5K program, except with a group.  My goal is to run the 5k at the end, non-stop.  So today's first run for me was 1 mile.  I had so many doubts.  My cousin, whis is amazing, and my twice a week workout buddy, is one of the coaches.  I was telling her after I received my initial training schedule that I messed up in what I selected, I did want to run it, but I needed to start with run/walking that there was no way I could run the whole mile.  She somehow convinced me that I was in good enough shape to run the whole mile, that I could do it, just needed to push myself.  So, that's what I did, I started the run, convinced myself that it couldn't take more that 15 minutes, and I could run for 15 minutes.  I did it!  I was one of the slower (slowest) runners, but it happened.  One of the other coaches, also a friend of mine, ran the last 1/2 mile with me, which was nice.  Now comes the homework.  I have to run 1 mile two more times this week. 
After I left the gym, I went to the assisted living place to visit my grandmother.  When I arrived, she was playing Rook with some other ladies.  I ended up joining the game.  It was too funny, please understand I'm not making fun, but they were cracking me up.  The phrase "what color are trumps?" must have been asked 1,000 times, and "who played that", and again "what color are trumps?".  I was told how well I can shuffle and how agile my hands are.  It struck me how much I take for granted.  I admire these ladies for keeping their minds sharp and enjoying their time together.  I hope I'm playing Rook ath their age!
I got home and my run had me wanting a healthy dinner.  I broke out my bag of spinach leaves, my strawberries, and oranges, and half of a leftover chicken breast from what I had cooked the other night.  But, there is one thing I love on a salad, toasted pecans, so I found  a recipe online and went for it... Yummy!!!!!!  They were so good and added so much flavor, but one note of caution, I knocked one of them off right after I pulled them out of the oven...sugar burn...sooooo painful, it still hurts, but so tasty on the salad!

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Melissa said...

Great job on your first run!