Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, I did it today, ran 1.5 miles, no stops.  Why? Because it was part of my 5k program, but what pushed me thru to the end when my legs wanted a break, and I wanted to stop?  I wanted to send a text to my cousin, Emily, and tell her I did it.  You see, Emily, talked me into doing this program, then when I doubted myself for signing up for the run instead of the walk/run portion, Emily told me I could do it.  And three different times thus far, I've done it.  I've made my runs, I've pushed thru and finished, no stops.  I mean, I upped my mileage 50% today and got it done. 
It had me thinking tonight, why don't we encourage more?  Why do we let others discourage themselves, put themselves down and not push themselves?  Why don't we lift each other up, push each other harder, and be a blessing in others' lives?  Why don't we have more faith in ourselves and each other?
Without Emily, I'd be doing this program as a walk/run.  I wouldn't be pushing as hard as I could, and I'd let myself wimp out and take breaks. 
I'm blessed to have her in my life, hope you have someone like that in yours!

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