Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January, How Have I Done??

So, how have I done on the January resolutions??

Let me start with this.  January 2013 has been loads and loads better than January 2012.  January 2012 was rough, in every way imaginable.  This year, I came up with some ways to survive January.  Let's see how I've followed through...

1.  I will eat dinner with a friend at least once a week... Success!  Friends at work, friends at church, running friends, high school friends, family friends, favorite guy friends, family, I've seen them all.  Sometimes it's a quick dinner and back to work, but it's still a break from the office.  It's still staying connected, oh my, how I've realized that when all you want to do is go home plop on the couch and eat Totino's pizza, the thing that gives me the biggest boost is to talk to a friend.

2.  I'm in physical therapy 3 mornings a week for this knee issue. The other 2 mornings I will walk, hopefully soon I will run. I will do the hip exercises he gave me at least 5 days a week... I'm back to running (she says as she lifts her hands in praise to the Lord)  I'm so very thankful.  Saturday I did 4.5 glorious miles.  It was wonderful.  I've been doing my hip exercises and I'm seeing a big difference.  Must make those hips strong and able to handle big miles.  I've also had to learn it's ok not to run every day, these long work days just aren't conducive to every day running.  So rest days are good, breaks are good.  Bodies and legs and brains need rest.

3.   I will spend at least 10 minutes a day on household chores, including hanging up clothes, dishes, laundry so that things don't pile up... Ok, so not 100% on this one.  I started strong, but today, dishes are overtaking my counters and I'm running out of socks because I haven't done laundry in a week.  But, an awesome friend helped me put my room in order and it's clean  Yay!!!  And I've kept it in order.  Currently there are no clothes laying on the bed or in the floor, all is clear.  So, while there have been some major accomplishments in this area, I still want to get back on the 10 minute train to keep everything under control.

4.  I will ride a horse at least once during the month... I'm running out of time on this one.

5.  I will tackle some task that's hanging over my head at least once per week...  Pretty disappointed in myself on this one, lots of junk still hanging over my head, but room cleaning was big.

6.   I will read my Jesus Calling devotional every day. I will journal at least twice per week. I will read James over and over during the month. I will keep count of how many times...  Utter fail.  I've read Jesus Calling sporadically, which is insane, because it's SO GOOD!!!!  Journaling, not so much.  My new Jesus Calling is a journal, so I've done a smidge, but really another faily.  I've read James... once.  Working on it again.

7.  I will do arm and ab exercises at least 3 times per week...  Not so much.  I've done some abs while I've been laying on the floor doing my hip exercises.  I also went to my first Pure Barre class, really really tough!  I'm going again tomorrow night.  There were lots of pushups in the beginning, made me realize how I've let my arms go completely.  It hurt to turn the steering wheel for 3 days.

So, some good, some bad, but all in all, I think having a plan and keeping these things in the back of my mind have really helped me make it a better month!

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