Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

1.  Saw on SkinnyRunner's blog today where she said you can't out run or out exercise a bad diet.  Hmmm, maybe that's my problem.

2.  I heard on the radio that leafy greens are the biggest culprit for food poisoning.  I ought to be safe on that one..

3.  Strawberries seem to be coming back, yay!!!

4.  I signed up for the Country Music Half Marathon in April, woo-hoo!!  Excited and scared!

5.  Work is kicking my rump this week.  I work, go home, and work some more.  Not the most fun, but I'm seeing the light... I think

6.  A friend at work brought in the most delicious turtle brownies today.  Wow!

7.  See #2 and #6, I'm pretty sure February's mini goals are going to have to do with getting my eating under control!

8.  It was crazy warm this morning.  I ran in shorts!  And in good Tennessee fashion, it appears I will be in fleece lined tights in the morning.

9.  I'm concerned about my bug guy.  He never misses an appointment and he didn't show up to spray this morning.

10.  My sister, my cousin, and I had makeover night last night.  Very fun!  Cousin is a makeup pro, and I think sister's notes and drawings are going to leave her with a fun new look!

11.  I bought this curling wand, and first try was a fro disaster, but I'm liking the results today!

Happy Tuesday!  Smile and make someone else smile today!

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Jane said...

Oooo, I really like the skinny runner quote and I agree. And I ALWAYS get nervous when I eat leafy greens. I like them on my sandwiches and I like salads but as I'm eating I always wonder... and I going to be sick later? Maybe I'll just stick to steamed broccoli and green beans. :)