Monday, May 28, 2012

D.C. Trip

So a few weekends ago I went and visited a friend in Washington, D.C.  She's up there for a few months and had a place for me to stay.  It was a great weekend.

I arrived Friday with my plane sick self, but after a coke in the airport, I was ready to go.  We had signed up for a 5K that night.  The have what they call "5K Fridays" in April. 

So maybe not the best pic, but it's all we got.  I'm in the pink. My friend, Martha, is in the purple, and two of her friends ran with us. 

It was a fun race, lots of people, I think around 1400.  We were off.  I told Martha not to stay with me, but to run ahead.  So she did.  I forgot my watch, and I never saw any mile markers so I had no clue where I was the entire time.  I'll be honest, I didn't want Martha to beat me by too much.  Anyway, I ran hard, I tried to pass people, of course, I watched strollers and children pass me, but I trudged on.  I only took one walk break. It was a fun race, lots of cheerers, the course volunteers were very encouraging, and supportive.  I crossed the finish line, and was beat, but felt good.  We left and went to a place where they were serving the runners $5 burgers.  They were delicious!  After that, Martha and I headed back to her place, talked a while, and crashed.

On Saturday, she looked up our scores.  I was so excited to find out my time was 33:27 with a 10:46 pace.  I know that's no speed demon, but it was a PR for me, and I couldn't believe I had averaged under 11:00 minute miles!!

On Saturday, we started with breakfast at Metro 29 (I think that was the name).  It has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  They are famous for their french toast, so there was no doubt that's what i needed to try.  It was delicious!!

After that, we went to the Pentagon for a tour, it was so neat.  A friend of Martha's who works there took us around and showed us all sorts of things.  That was my first time in the Pentagon.  It was just facinating.

After that, we headed to Alexandria.  What a cool place!  We stopped by George Washington's church, then did some shopping and eating. 

This is the view of the Capitol from Alexandria.  It was just a really neat little city.

I think after that we headed back to Martha's apartment.  Her apartment was great.  After reading too much Skinny Runner blog, I feel as though you should check out all gyms.  So Martha showed me her complex's gym.  Holy cow!!  It was on the top floor and surrounded by glass.

Do you see those TV's on the treadmills?  How cool is that?  It doesn't take much to impress me. 
And the view from the gym...

Just outside was the pool and a the balcony.  The view of the Capitol...

And the Washington Monument...

The next morning, we were up, a couple quick miles in the gym, and headed back to TN.  It was a great trip, with a great hostess.  So glad I got to visit!!

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Amy said...

I've always thought Washington was like the "real" version of Disneyland/World. Everything is so clean and organized! And Alexandria is so cute too with the cobblestone streets. Glad your 5-K went well!