Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He's Here!!

My new nephew is here!!  Yay!!  He surprised by showing up a little early, but I'm so excited to see him.  My sister and brother in law didn't find out the sex, so everything was a surprise. 

Isn't he cute...

My first time to hold him... I'm not really a baby person, so the hand off/hand back borderline terrifies me, but that actual holding was pretty sweet.

My sister took this picture of his big brother earlier today, he's staying with us while everyone settles in.

So you've now met Fletcher Knight Byrd!!
Fletcher is my brother in law's mother's maiden name, and Knight is my granddad and cousin's middle name.
My granddaddy (his great granddaddy) came and just held him and held him, it was pretty sweet.

 And Emily (Knight) was also pretty enamored with her namesake...

So congrats to Clair and Rob!!  So excited to have Fletcher in the family!!

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Emily said...

he is so darling...and yes she was enamored with him big time!