Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My Mom and My Youngest Sister...

Doesn't my mom have the prettiest blue eyes??

She's also the sweetest, kindest, calmest, nicest woman in town.  Just ask anyone.

I'm not like her, I wish I was.  I was probably the most difficult to raise, fiercely independent, always think I'm right, overly sensitive, overly emotional, not the best combination.  I'm a first child in the midst of middle children and babies.  God knew what he was doing.  From my mom, I've learned worrying is needless and sinful.  You pray and you let it go.  I've learned that I've learned that good friends are one of the best things you can have in life.  Find the ones that have your back, that love you no matter what, that are trustworthy, and that carry a gun ;-)

Be patient, stay composed, don't gossip, be positive.  She exemplifies all of those. 

I'm so thankful for her.  I'm so thankful for all she has taught me.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama!!


birdie said...

I have only known your mom since Rob and Clair married but she is exactly as you described her. So sweet and so Christ like. I think Clair is a lot like her in so many ways.
She has truly blessed you girls with her kind ways!
Thanks for sharing about this sweet lady I now call friend.

Anna Catherine said...

Clair is much like her in so many ways. She is patient, easy-going, and calm like her. She is a great mom. Hope you all had a fun weekend of celebrating!

birdie said...

I love how Clair balances Rob's intensity- and mine!!