Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Ok

What a week...

It's Ok...
Its Ok Thursdays
...that I stopped and bought dry shampoo yesterday on the way to work because my hair was so nasty.

...that I sprayed my hair with the dry shampoo at a redlight and nearly suffocated from the smell and had to drive the rest of the way to work with my windows down.

...that my 16 year old sister finds me so incompetent with keeping our nephew she made me a list and and put it in his bag (I probably needed it)

...that today has been a wild and crazy day including early morning runs, walks, breakfast with friends, quality time with the nephew, lunch with a friend, knocking out some work that has been hanging over my head, meetings, dinner meeting, nephew transfer, and finally home!

...that I heard an interesting business pitch last night and I can't decide what to do with it.

...that I am wearing everything I tried to eat today

...that I am up before 6 most mornings and I can't make it to work at a reasonable time.

...that I hadn't completely gotten all the old spray tan off before I got the new one today (I hope it stays)

...that I'm so excited about the Olympics, I can hardly contain myself.  I can't wait!!

...that we've been having 80 weather off and on for a month, and I just realized today I had my driver's side a/c vent closed.  No wonder I'm sweating in the car!

...that running = gaining weight for me.  I really can't blame it on the running, only on the poor choices and massive amounts of food I've been intaking as of late.

...that I think I'm going to bed and it's 9:30

Goodnight and Happy Thursday!

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