Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Letters

Linking up with Ashley this fine Friday...


Dear Spaghetti, you have a hold on me like no other.  You make it really hard to lower my carb intake.  Dear Susan, I’m so proud of your new FFA office.  You worked hard to prove yourself worthy and I know you will make a great officer!  Dear Spray Tan, everyone says you look so natural.  You make sleeveless an option.  I heart you.  Dear Fish Fry, wow you were so good.  I love that our IT guys are fishermen!  Dear Amy and Mrs. Peggy, thanks for the comments the other day.  So sweet of you to comment after my blogging hiatus!  Dear Emily, there’s a chance I have some rocking cool shoes on the way so we can look cool running together!  Dear Erin, thanks for encouraging me and pushing me on our runs!  Dear Mama, God handpicked you to be my Mama and I’m so thankful.  Dear Football, I can’t wait to get a little fix of you tonight.  It’s been a while!  Dear Sunny Weather, I’m really enjoying you, more than usual.  You just make it a little more difficult to be inside working!  Dear Single Status, you have your pros and cons… last night’s pro… when living by yourself, you can make anything you want for dinner, last night I put in a bowl some of my current favorites, wheat spaghetti, sauce (no meat b/c I was too hungry and hurried to thaw), balsamic vinegar, and avocado = YUMMY!!!  Dear Anyone Reading, I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  I hope you know that God loves you, because He does, even in the funky times.  And I thank you for reading!


Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

ugh i'm addicted to spaghetti!! it's bad!! and i can't wait for football season again!

found you via newlywed link up!!


Emily said...

wooo hooooo I got so many compliments on mine on Saturday! Where were you on Race Day, BTW!