Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fair Week!!!

I have always loved the county fair.  My dad was very involved when I was young, and we were at the fair the week before it started answering phones and spray painting concession areas, and we were there every day after school the week of the fair.  I LOVED it, every minute.  I can remember standing in my mom's room begging to go to the fair on a Tuesday night.  That was the only night should didn't want to be there, truck and tractor pull.  The noise killed her ears.  I, of course, thought that was utterly rediculous, along with her thinking that I had no business at 11 years old staying at the fair until midnight on a Tuesday night when Daddy finished up and was ready to go home.  Anybody with me that she was being a tad on the unreasonable side??  :-)

So, during college I came home both weekends of the fair, and may have skipped some classes the latter part of fair week to come home and day or two early.  When I returned home and finally landed my first job, I started in August, but I made it clear to my new boss, pary of the hire on package was that I was off the second week of September.  When I decided to change jobs and was interviewing for job #2, I made it clear I was off the second week of September.  Are we catching the drift of how insane I am?

So, sure enough, the Saturday after Labor Day, the fair was finally here.  My jobs this year were working in the harness race office and counting gate money, along with a few odds and ends here and there. 

The first Sunday, I really didn't work, I just enjoyed the fair.  At the end of the day, when I was doing at entry in my gratitude diary app, it said time with the Bigham girls.  They are a family I grew up with, they had 4 daughters and I just don't see them as much as I wish I did, but I always get to spend some quality time with them at the fair.  The people are what make the fair for me.  Some I only get to see this one time a year, some I only see a few times a year, and I just love catching up with everyone and spending some quality time with great people.

Oh yes, back to Sunday.  Sunday is horse races, quarter horses, pacers under saddle, mule races, all sorts of fun!

The fast horses

The mule race
One of the stars of the mule race
And two ladies who love the fair almost as much as I do :-)  Like I said, pretty much my favorite part is catching up with folks.
Ok, that was Sunday.  I'm nothing going to do a post on each day, we all know I never take enough pictures for that, but that's all for tonight!

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