Thursday, September 6, 2012

Instagram Photo Dump

I'm enjoying Instagram when I remember to take pictures.  Here are a few recent ones...

10 nights before Labor Day starts the annual Walking Horse Celebration.  My family attends a lot!  I think my parents were there every night and I was there 7 nights.  As you can see above, Will is like the rest of us and really enjoys the eating part of the horse show!

My dad showed one night.  He did a good job, and he always looks so handsome in his riding habit.

In the midst of the horse show fanaticism, I ran a 5k Saturday morning.  It was the Titans return to football 5k.  I must say, I thought they did a fantastic job for a first time race!!  It was my first attempt at running in a while, and it felt really great.  I'm still getting back to where I was, but it's great to be running again.  That's the finish line you can see in the left of the photo, so you ran in the stadium, around the field, and thru that thing for the finish line.  As you were running thru, they put you up on the jumbo tron.  Kind of cool.  As we were running across the bridge outside the stadium, you could see the people on the jumbo tron, I was running next to a man and his young son, probably around 6 or 7 years old.  When his dad pointed out the jumbo tron and told him he would get to be on it, he took off like a shot.  It was too cute.

And back to the horse show.  The night my dad showed, some friends let us sit in their box right on the rail.  Will was enamored with the horses.  I couldn't believe he was sitting that still, but he loved being right up close and personal with them!

This was on patriotic night.  How cute is he??  But he did get my friend in trouble when he threw one of the flags on the ground.  A guy walked up, picked it up, handed it to my friend who was sitting in the front of our box and kind of glared at her like she had intentionally thrown down the American flag.  Anywho, Will enjoyed the flags and we all made it out with our eyes not poked out while he waved them around.  I call that a success.
Oh, and have I told you he can now say Anna??  I never thought someone saying my name could make my heart melt quite like that!

And this is why I rarely put up photos of myself.  I seriously still smile like I did in preschool.  I put a little too much into it.  And do I have eyes???  You wouldn't know it from this :-)
One of the best parts of the horse show... horse show donuts.  This year the donut booth put up pictures of their patrons on facebook.  I was called out by a friend when she saw this picture and tagged me!

A fun week at the horse show, with a nice 5k in between (in which my friend, Kathleen, placed 10th overall female, woo-hoo, speedy friend!!) 
P.S. Do you think I think my nephew is cute??

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Anonymous said...

Your dad DOES look handsome up there on that horse! How cool!!!

Congrats on the 5K run, too! It's always hard to pick up running again after you haven't done it for awhile.

What's your user name on instagram? I'd love to follow you on there! I am so much better about keeping up with everyone on there than I am blogging. :o/