Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Here, It's Here, It's Really Here

Football that is.
A friend sent me this, I thought it was great!

And it is here.  This week marks the 4th high school game of the year. My team is rolling along at 3-0.  Last Saturday was the first full college day of the year!  (The Vols won Friday night - Go Big Orange!!)  I bought my new TN T-shirt for our annual tailgate party at work this Friday.  And tonight kicks off the NFL.  All we have to do to make things perfect is wait for baseball to be over so that their highlights don't get in the way of the football highlights on ESPN.

This is the text I sent my mom on Saturday...I know I have a sickness, don't judge...

Game Day, oh game day, how I love you so.  Herbie, if you weren't happily married...

Fantasy Football starts Wednesday.  My draft didn't go quite like I was hoping, but I fully intend to make the playoffs this year.  Let's go team!!

So, let the upsets, the crazy plays, the Hail Mary's and the overtimes begin.  I'm loving it!!

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