Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's OK - Kind of the Long Version

Happy Thursday Folks. I don't know about you, but I'm glad to see Thursday roll around.

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK... know you are old when you visit college girls, hang out with them until your bedtime, then see pictures on facebook of where they went out after you left :-) have a 5K time so slow that you would trade your 3rd place $10 gift certificate if they just wouldn't announce your time on that blasted bullhorn (yeah, apparently just 3 of us in my age group for this race) walk into the new Home Goods store across the street and have 100 things screaming "I would look so good in your house!!" be excited that my favorite high school football team is back in action this week. be such a high school football fanatic that I went and watched two random teams while my team had their off week last week love, love, love dinners with my high school friends laugh when high school friend's sibling and his wife comesto dinner with us and that I'm so close with their family we always know exactly what and who each other are talking about, it's almost scary. be shocked that your baby sister is now 17, but so excited for her that she's loving this age as much as I did. absolutely LOVE days where I work from home in my PJ's with my laptop not be able to give up my turquoise purse that is dying a horrible death.  We are talking peeling straps, peeling, outside.  It's a sad state, but what will replace it??? be a little sad when I woke up and the weather forcast didn't really jive with the new outfit I bought yesterday, thus I must wait to wear it be in horror when you call some other county and hear what the cost of a ticket is because you were a lazy, unorganized bum who didn't renew her registration in a timely manner, yes $193.50, it was nice knowing you *insert very sad face with lip stuck out* be missing my friend's little girl, EGB, who I feel like I haven't seen in ages... and I miss my friend too :-) have a love/hate relationship with being a grown up have a sunburned, peeling nose at the end of September want to hire a personal assistant who would keep my registration current, pay all my bills, grocery shop, do the junk I don't want to do be slightly obsessed with Season 1 of Revenge that I purchased, but it's starting to get a little dark, and I kind of want someone to come hold my hand when I need them to on the suspensful parts.  Let's be honest, I'm nothing but a chicken when it comes to watching TV. think that new show with Matthew Perry is pretty darn funny. be sad that the majority of what's on TV is total trash be happy that ESPN exists so that there is something to watch when you can't stand the trash miss conversations and laughs with one of my favorites be frustrated with running and panicing about the impending half and sad that there is no way I'm going to be ready.  It can't be helped, but it doesn't change the frustration I'm feeling. love runs, hashbrowns, morning coffee, and breakfast chats to start my day.

I really think I could go on and on and on today, so I will spare you and stop with those.  Happy Thursday!!


Melanie said...

I am totally with you on the assistant thing! Let's just take the plunge!

Found you from the link-up!

I hope you stop by my blog and enter my awesome Fall giveaway. It ends soon!

SEL said...

I did my first half marathon back in March. That stuff is hard, but if you are determined, you can do it!

I'm with you on the love/hate relationship of being an adult. Sometimes, it's nice to sleep in, be carefree, and eat ice cream for dinner. ;)

Found you from the linkup.

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birdie said...

I want the purse - it's the one I have never been OK without!

Brandi said...

Ummm... did you notice they put the times in the paper? ;-)

Oh, and I know someone who is looking for a job. LOL