Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's OK Saturday

Well, I missed It's Ok Thursday, so here's the Saturday edition...

It's OK... (so I started this on Wednesday, I'll follow up in parenthesis the Saturday comments)

To pay for a house cleaner (my bathtub hasn't been this clean since I moved in)

To be excited by a Voxer message (I feel so cool)

To be giddy over selling some calves! (Happy bank account... until I pay for the next set as soon as this check is deposited)

To eat spaghetti at 11:00 after a long day at work (so worth it)

To be overly excited about my sparkly UT Tshirt (and it got compliments)

To be ridiculously pumped about winning a blog giveaway. Seriously, I must have used 100 exclamation points in the reply email back to her.  (and I'm still excited and anxiously awaiting it's arrival)

To be so thankful that my first Scentsy party booking fell right in my lap (yes, I'm now selling Scentsy.  My sister and I nearly singed all our smelling buds the other night checking out all the scents.)

To be strongly considering spending 4 hours in the car tomorrow to go watch high school football (Yup, I did, and yup, they won.  I love watching a win)

To be afraid to use the dunking booth when my boss is in it during our tailgate party Friday. (The crowd hassled me into giving it a try, but I missed by a mile)

To check the fantasy football points at least once a quarter during the kickoff game to see how my guys are doing.  (One stepped up big, one failed me a little, we shall see  how all the games tomorrow go.  I'd really like to start out with a win.)
And for the new Saturday ones
To hate my biannual sinus infection.  Just started the Z-pac, hope that baby kicks in high gear really quick
To be thankful for really good dreams.  I can have some real doozies, so anytime the dream makes me smile, I say a little prayer of thanks.
To still not feel the same about Peyton Manning since he didn't go with the Titans.  My feelings are still hurt and the sight of him on a commercial no longer warms my heart.
To have a really bad run.  This morning was borderline miserable.  I'm blaming it partly on the sinus infection and the face that I can't breathe, but I'm also really envious of the people who can have a two month break from running and jump back out with a 6 mile run at their same pace.  Me, a two month hiatus and it's like I just started running again.  Yuck!  But, I'm thankful to be able to run again and thankful for friends to run with
To have beef thawing to cook spaghetti again.  I have a problem.
To take the entire week off work for the county fair.  Heck yes, it starts tonight!!


Amy said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better! The weather changed here this weekend and everyone is already starting to get sick. I hope you have fun at your fair!

Anonymous said...

Yuck...I hope you feel better soon! Are you trying to run while you're sick? I'm always better off just not running at all when I've got a cold or infection.

Congrats on selling the calves AND starting your own scentsy business! How in the world do you have time to do all that you do?