Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It really is the key to so much, isn't it?  Let me think about some of the blogs I enjoy the most.

Danielle wrote a fabulous post this morning about being disciplined in looking at the positive. 
Amy busted her tail for four months, really focused, stayed disciplined and qualified for the Boston Marathon with her time in Chicago this weekend.  That girl ran an 8:23 pace for 26.2 miles!!!  Amazing!!

Natasha can pack more into a day or weekend than I can in a month.  The girl is major disciplined with her time and attitude and produces some cool stuff!  And I love the name of her blog, Hello Happiness!

You know, I make excuses for all sorts of things, that I'm too shy or too serious or not built for that, or tired, or busy, or not talented enough, but lots of things in life come down to your attitude and a good attitude is something you must discipline yourself to have, on the bad days, on the good days, on the challenging days, on the amazing days. 

So how do I develop the happy/good attitude discipline?  Think Positive!  God puts that instruction in writing.  Choose to think about the good, about the positive.  Fight off the negative thoughts.  My negativity tends to be about myself more than anything else, but those negative words I think not only tear me down, but lay the groundwork for excuses.


How do I develop the physical and time management disciplines?  Make goals and stick with them,
 make them a priority, and don't let excuses slide in.  I think the pin below sums it up.


If you want to conquer a new frontier, discipline is a must... just ask Teddy...

And God gives us the tools if we will just put in the effort to make these disciplines part of our every day life.

Source: google.com via Beth on Pinterest
My friend, Melissa, has a new motto, to be a better version of herself today than she was yesterday.  I think mine is to be a more disciplined version today than I was yesterday.


birdie said...

Thanks for always inspiring this old lady!! I needed these words today.

Amy Lavender said...

I think positive thoughts are the best way to get things done! I'm definitely not as disciplined as I want to be, but somehow everything gets done just as it needs to. Great post!