Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday Randoms

Happy Sunday!  I've really not done much of anything this weekend as I've tried to conserve energy and I'm just plumb wore out.

- Friday ended in an interesting way, road trip with a friend to pick up her dad's truck, trailer, and bull.  You know trailer/livestock driving is one of those skills I acquired in life that has come in handy more times than you would expect.  Thanks, Daddy.

- Saturday was lots and lots of football.  Honestly, I was worn out from the week and not enough food, and late nights at work.  I think I took 2 naps, and watched a bunch of games.  That was pretty much it.

- Sunday was more football.  I got up to take a shower for church, but I'm just sapped of energy.  I couldn't make myself get dressed and get out the door, so I looked for TV church, but apparently all those come on at 8:00 and they were over, so football analysis it was.  Let me just say as I sit here with another game on, I might be reaching my football limit for the weekend.  I didn't know it was possible.

- I'm down almost 10 pounds.  Now, if I weren't so hungry, it would be almost comical.  My mouth fell open when I stepped on the scale this morning, I've never weighed this in my life (maybe 4th grade)

- Tomorrow (Monday) is the scope.  Hopefully he can tell me something, either there is still a piece of the pill there to get out, or it looks like it's healing, or I need to get used to 500 calories a day... just tell me something.

- The only thing I can get down comfortably is a Hardees little hamburger... Why?  I don't know.  Full of nutrition?  Not so much. 

- The weight loss has apparently made me feel skinny, combine that with a plethora of emails from my favorite stores about sales... what do you get?   A bunch of clothes on their way to my house.  Now the majority of these are going to have to go back, but maybe there will be a few keepers.

- I think I forgot to tell you, but I did 8.5 miles last Saturday!!!  Made me feel a little better about the upcoming half.  I was planning another good long run for this week, needless to say that didn't happen.  I'm pretty bummed, but there really isn't anything I could do about it, so it is what it is.

- In case I haven't mentioned it, I have such great friends. I have friends who have checked on my every single day of this craziness. I have friends praying, and wanting to know what times tests are happening. I have friends who bring me little Hardees hamburgers and throw in an extra one just in case I can eat it. I have blog friends who have left kind comments and sent thoughtful emails. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 Hope you have a great week!!

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Jane said...

I'm currently waiting on Mom who is waiting to hear from you about how the scope went. My prayer is that you get an answer and get to feeling better asap!!! Keep us posted!

Oh and I am super impressed by your livestock driving skills!