Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good...
Happy Boss's Day to me!!
I work with such great people!!
The Bad...
I think I may be dying.  I a pill Sunday night and I think it’s lodged in my esophagus.  It hurts something terrible.   I went to a friend's yesterday and she started telling me she had the exact same meds when she was a kid and one lodged and she had to have a scope.  Called the doctor. He told me to take Mylanta which I've been doing but it doesn't seem to be helping. He called this morning and asked if I could swallow. I told him I could bit the pain wasn't any better. He said it should get better in the next few days... If I don't starve to death!!! That last part is me being a touch overdramatic because I'm hungry and I can’t eat.  Seriously, this is no fun at all!!  I'm all for losing weight but not because it hurts too much to eat!
The Ugly...
TN vs AL is Saturday.  I graduated from TN.  I was never an AL hater, FL yes, but our high school coach played at AL and instilled a little reverance for the Bear and the Tide.  But then I began working in Alabama.  I cross the state line most every morning and enter the land of Crimson.  These fans are crazy!!  I no longer can wear red because they all congratulate me for seeing the light.  They greet each other and say goodbye with "Roll Tide".  They think Saban is the be all end all.  It's just too much and it has put a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. 

But Saturday will be the third Saturday in October and it will be game time yet again.  And let's go ahead and be honest, there's a chance we won't even score.  And there's an even better chance they will score on most of their possessions.  This one is going to be ugly. 


Amy Lavender said...

Well, I guess that's one way to go about losing weight!

I went to a basketball college, so I've never been into college football (plus, I think it is MUCH bigger in the South), but I feel like I'm missing out when I start hearing about The Roll Tide and Boomer Sooner stuff every Saturday!

Jane said...

I sure hope you start feeling better soon!!