Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK

It's OK...
Its Ok Thursdays have enjoyed Twitter for the first time last night.  There are some funny people out there and they were cracking me up during the debate.  I may have done a little tweeting of my own :-) be debating sending Sarah Palin an email asking her to tone down the hair color... too dark, friend, too dark have added a must to my husband list this week.  Must like spaghetti.  While I was warming my leftovers up in the microwave the other night, my mind went to a dark dark place that involved living with someone who didn't like spaghetti, it was a scary moment. want to cry every time I have to stand up or sit down.  The lunges from Tuesday are still killing me.  So. Out. Of. Shape. give a big fat birthday shout out to my sister  Happy Birthday!!! be messaged on facebook by a guy from junior high with the following, and I quote "Are you married?  Have chitlins?"... Why, yes, yes I am for 10 happy years, and we have 6 lovely children find this little jewel today when a certain favorite blog asked for a limerick
There once was a maid from Madras
Who possessed a magnificent ass.
Neither round or pink,
As some might think,
It was gray, had long ears and ate grass. have made tons of cookies this morning for a fundraiser tomorrow and have co-workers eating them right and left.  Not sure how much they are going to help the fundraiser. want Chipotle every day for lunch.  Soooo goood!!

Have a great Thursday!!


Brandi Barnes said...

Yes, I too was feeling those squats and lunges. I'm going back tonight at 5:30 for a little more.

Jane said...

Jason doesn't like spaghetti. It is hard, but we get by. :) When he goes out of town I force someone (Mom) to make some for me.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm pretty obsessed with spaghetti, too! Thankfully I married someone who loves it as much as I do. Dodged a bullet there, for sure! ;o)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Definitely ok to enjoy twitter!