Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Tuesday.

I celebrated tonight with my family.  The best part was some fried cheescake, yes, as good as it sounds.  Some day, I'm going to become a real blogger who thinks to take pictures of such delacacies as that.

Since I last checked in, Whitney Houston died, which I was a little more torn up about than expected.  I think she just always seemed to be one of those people who picked the wrong man, and it was a choice she could never overcome.  Of course Whitney and I weren't friends, but from what I've read of her family and upbringing, it always seemed as though Bobby was the one who introduced her to the addictions that ended her life.

On that note, I've read so many blog posts today of bloggers talking about their marriages, their men, etc.  I'm a touch on the emotional side (major understatement) and these posts have made me laugh, made me smile, and most recently brought tears to my eyes.  It's interesting reading how different relationships work, different personalities, different characteristics.  But it has reaffirmed this for me, yes, I'm growing older every day, yes, it seems like I've had to wait a lot longer than most, but waiting for God's pick for me, the one He deems best suited for me, is worth it.  A marriage based on Him, rooted in His Word, and blessed by Him is the only kind I want, really is the only kind that would survive with me in it (I'm very difficult and would be a great challenge to be married to).  If He sees fit to bless me with that, awesome, and if He doesn't, there is another plan for me far greater than I can imagine.

But I digress, Back to Whitney... probably would not have watched the Grammys but the Whitney coverage sucked me in.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Really appreciated LL Cool J's prayer in the beginning, I'm slightly obsessed with Adele, just ask the girl who works across the hall and can hear my iTunes choices, I was amazed by Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney and just overall enjoyed most of the program.  I'm not sure what's going on with the Dead Mouse guy or girl, that was a bit creepy, and apparently there was some drama with Nikki Manaj, but I was in the bathtub during that and missed it, so I'm giving it a thumbs up.

I bought my obligatory box of Trefoils supporting the Girl Scouts this weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I like them fine, I'm just not a huge sweets person.  I think I still have part of last year's box in the pantry.  But let me take a moment to address the Thin Mint people.  I wonder if there is a Thin Mints Anonymous Club.  I wonder what the price point is that the Thin Mint people wouldn't buy.  I saw a guy who lives alone buy 4 boxes then proceeded to tell me he froze them.  A mom told me she hid the Thin Mints and left the others out for the rest of the family.  I've seen in my own house growing up a sleeve consumed in mere hours.  I just don't understand the obsession.  I'm really not sure I've ever put one in my mouth.  I hate the whole chocolate/mint mix, I'm anti-York peppermint patties, anti the mints at Olive Garden (usually makes the other folks at the table happy, more for them), I think it is such a weird mixture, but those who love it, wow do they love it.

I think I'm off to start "The Hunger Games".  All I've heard is good things about it.  A friend started telling me about... all right up my alley... then she says "fight to the death"... I say "say what"... she says "you'll love it".... I say "ummmm"... she says basically I'm not invited to the movie if I don't read the book :(     I once loved to read, for some reason I don't as much anymore, maybe it's just been a while since I've found a really good one.  And, I don't really understand reading a book you know is going to be a movie, yes, yes, the book is always better they say, then why are you watching the movie???  But, I can download it free on my Kindle, so I guess I have no excuse.

Happy Tuesday to you, hope you got to celebrate in some way today, with family, friends, that special someone, or a heart shaped Krispy Kreme doughnut (why must they constantly tempt us at work!!!)

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Anonymous said...

I agree! Mint is good. Chocolate is better. But mint and chocolate together? That is just WRONG! I have been wanting to read those, too. Think I will start!

Oh, and I'm so excited about my new board dedicated just to you!