Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Monday

1.  I love all the navy that's out right now... now I just have to buy some.

2.  New folks start at work today and they are there to help me, woo-hoo!!!

3.  Kettlebells, kettlebells, I'm going to try to hit it for the first time again tonight.

4.  New friend to work out with after work today!

5. Really sad about a man from my church who passed away today.  He never failed to make me smile. 

6.  After being in the dumps for a few weeks, I'm feeling much better.

7.  We brought in food for the new folks today, it was really fun to hang out and bond for a few minutes while eating some really good taco soup.

8.  If you don't own "Jesus Calling", you should.  It's great.

9.  My last trip to Publix I spent $28 and saved $36.  I love coupons!!

10.  I'm wearing out Adele on iTunes.  Until I saw her accept her Grammy, I had no idea she was British.

11.  I break every long necklace... EVERY. TIME.  I broke another one today :(

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