Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My week in Pins...

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So this sums up how I feel this week, because I am starting over and every part of my body hurts!!

I've been doing a little running lately, but this week I started back some hard core stuff.
A friend talked me into running our high school stadium on Sunday.  I cried and whined, but she didn't let me give up.  I hope I wasn't so much of a baby she doesn't call me back :-)

Monday, when I rolled out of bed, my calves were crying...

I felt both.
Then, Monday night,  I tried kettle bells for the first time.
Holy macaroni, that's a workout!

So Tuesday, my calves were crying and my back was sore...

Yeah, whatever, I just couldn't find another good pin about being sore.

Tuesday night I met my cousin at the gym for some walking...

That is absolutely true!!

And then she yelled at me while I did abs...

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

This doesn't really give you the picture as I don't see a pic on Pinterest of laying upside down while someone throws a heavy ball at you and yells while you try not to die... I'll look further...

That leads us to today.  My calves are still crying, my hamstrings screamed when my feet hit the floor, my back still hurts, and now my abs are starting to hurt, I'm sure they will be in full force pain tomorrow.

Why you ask.  Why?

For several reasons.

There is the little black dress reason...

My friend Melissa is marrying in July and the bridesmaids get to pick out any black dress (how awesome is that), so I have no excuse not to look my best!

Then there is the food reason...
Loaded potato rounds, I'm in love, but they don't work themselves off. 
PS, I had the most amazing dessert Saturday night, when I make it myself, I'll take pictures and tell you how.

And then there is the most important reason... God wants and expects us to treat our bodies as temples, and if I want to live for Him, I need to be at my best.  My best involves exercise.  It makes me feel better, more alert, so many positive things.

I love that verse.  We don't have to fear what's hard, because God has given us a spirit of self-discipline.  We just have to put it into action.

Source: via Taylor on Pinterest

Happy Wednesday people!!

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Melissa said...

I'm sure you will look beautiful at my wedding! AND, I need to remember your 3rd reason more many times I just think about myself and how I want to look, or how I want to feel, or how well I want to be able to work out...I never stop to remember that God wants me to be at my best, too!

BTW, this was a GREAT post! =)