Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's Ok Thursday - 3/1/12

Its Ok Thursdays

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It's OK...

...that I am sooooo sore (I know I wore out this subject in yesterday's post, but let's add to the aching calves, hamstrings, and abs some sore arms!)

...that I don't blog enough to warrent it, but I'm thinking about getting a blog makeover

...that I've given up Cokes for Lent even though my church doesn't really practice Lent (but a girl at work explained it to me)

...that I've given up Cokes for Lent, but I still desperately want one EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING!

...that I ate a dessert on Saturday night and I've thought about it every day since, it was that good!

...that I always told myself I wasn't a sweets person, but since giving up the Coke, I've been filling that sugar hole with other things :-(  (can you tell this giving up Cokes thing has been a challenge?)

...that it's been way too long since I've seen my sweet nephew, but his lovely Mama did a new blog post last night, and sent me a picture today (he fell asleep sitting straight up in his bed)

...that I'm jealous that my sister has a whole 10 followers of her blog while I only have 7... yes I know this makes us both losers, but I'm still jealous of her extra 3, especially since she posts maybe once a month!... Maybe I need a cute kid... or better writing skills... or an interesting life :-)

...that I miss football

... that I would rather clean then watch baseball

...that I want a personal assistant to do my clothes returns, literally, I would pay someone to do it.  Me, order online, assistant, take back all the stuff I don't want.

...that my friends are better than yours, ok, you might not agree, but I'd put mine up against most anyone's.  God has greatly blessed me with wonderful friends, and He continues to give me more.

...that I've been on  an all out search for my dust pan and finally had resigned to the fact I was going to have to buy a new one, when my sweet mom found it. Where?  With the cleaning supplies.  Who would look there??

Hope you are having a Great Thursday!!  It's a beatiful day in Tennessee!


Ashley said...

I have up diet coke and wow it' wasn't easy but it does get easier! You're not a loser for having 7 followers, we all gotta start somewhere. But now you have 8 :)

Alyssa said...

I gave up soda for the year and I can so feel your pain right now! It can be so hard but it will get easier! :)