Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's Ok Thursday - 3/29/12

Happy Thursday!!

Its Ok Thursdays
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It's Ok...
...that I'm just writing this post at 11 pm
...that it's because I just got home
...that we just finished tonight's Insanity workout at 10 and we are meeting at 6 am for the next one
...that it's been crazy at work this week
...that if I could find 5 knit dresses I loved as much as I love the one I wore today, I would wear them every day, every week!

... that I have a countdown going until I can have Coke, 10 Days!!!

...that I want to have a dinner with friends just like I enjoyed last night at least once a week, great weather, great food, great company!

...that my brain is fried and this is all I can think of for tonight

1 comment:

Jane said...

I love these. They always crack me up! And I want to know how the 6am Insanity workout went. That is a good name for you girls! :) I'd be DEAD!