Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Lose Belly Fat

So this article was on my Google How-To today.

I have a few comments.

1.  That part where it says with aerobic exercise, belly fat goes first.  Um, lie.  At least for me.  My belly wants to stay with me.  I have named my love handles Fred and Ethel, and they fluctuate in size, but I've never feared losing them.  I've lost weight in my feet (no lie, when I was at my biggest, I wore a 10..5-11, now I wear 9-9.5), my face, my arms, my legs, don't get me wrong, all great, but the belly, that's the last to go.  I've made a dent, but I have miles to go. 

2.  Yes, whole grains are wonderful, I've gotten to the point that's what I prefer, but if you eat large bowls of whole grain spaghetti night after night, the belly doesn't go away.  I guess that should be obvious. 

3.  The good fats, I love them, but avacado on a Totino's pizza is probably not what they are referring to. (just had to throw this picture on here again since it grosses my mom and sister out)

All this goes along with my weekend, in which Emily and I did Insanity Friday night and Saturday.  She was way bummed Saturday due to weight gain, as I had been earlier in the week.  I was way bummed Saturday because my knee has started hurting and I don't want to injure myself.  Luckily, Emily is hilarious, and had me laughing so hard thru the abs session, I couldn't hold my plank.  Sunday, when it was time to meet, I did NOT want to go.  My knee was still hurting, I was frustrated, etc, so through texts we decided that I needed some rest.  I was really hesitant to ask for some extra days off, but Emily was great about it, and actually suggested it after my whining session.  I think both our brains and bodies need a break from Insanity. 

I also want to take this opportunity to get my eating back on track.  Here's a problem I have... when I workout, I think it gives me free range to eat whatever I want, and the workouts leave me starving!!

So, this week's goals are healthy breakfasts (which I'm usually pretty decent about), bringing myself a healthy lunch to work (which I'm horrible about), and keeping dinner small and healthy (which I was doing ok with until the workouts started).  I still can't believe I've lost no weight when I've combined no Cokes and Insanity (ps, I'm still dreaming about Cokes)

I did nothing exercise wise yesterday and honestly my knee is already feeling better.  I'm still feeling it, but it's not making me want to limp.  But my legs still feel exhausted.  I've had shin splints for two days, my rear end hurts, and my hamstrings are sore. 

Tonight's workout plan is kettlebells and walking.  Light and easy, I'm looking forward to it. 


Melissa said...

Ha! That picture grosses your friend, Melissa out, too! =)

Keep up the good work, AC! I think you look unbelievable! You definitely get prettier with age! =)

Melissa said...

Oh, and how do you cook your whole grain pasta? Do you cook it longer than the package states? Because I never feel like it's cooked enough...but then again, I don't like my pasta al dente, so maybe I'm just destined to not enjoy whole grain anything...

Anna Catherine said...

I just cook it until I scoop some out and it's the consistency I like, but I do cook it a while. I've never read the box!

Emily said...

Dont blame the fact that you didnt do the plank on me? I couldnt hold my plank because of the massive weight gain, but your plank was not my fault!!!! And it is gross!

Clair said...

See it's not just us that think it's gross. It really IS gross!

Anna Catherine said...

And it still makes me laugh! Not gross, yummy!

Anna Catherine said...

Don't knock it til you try it!