Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Randomness!

I know, my post titles really draw you in...

This morning my Mom called and asked if I would keep my nephew for the morning.  My sister left him in town for the weekend.  This picture is from a a month or two ago, because the pic I took today wasn't so great.  He's pretty cute, isn't he??

We had fun, walked down the street to see a friend, played in the yard a little, spent some time opening and putting the top back on chapstick, all sorts of good stuff.  Then, we met my parents, sister, and cousin for lunch, yum!  Then, Cousin, Mama, and I went to do Insanity.  I was afraid it was Pure Cardio day.  Emily kept saying there was no way, thank goodness she was right.  It was Cardio Recovery, which we desperately needed.  Still very tough, but thank goodness no crazy warm up.  I hurt all over!!

I came home and did the rest part.  Nice little nap and basketball watching.  Tonight much do some work work that I avoided today.

Random Thoughts for Today...

#1.  I want my next home to have brown floors in the bathroom to match my brown hair so it doesn't glare at you from the white tile.

#2.  My new March Madness resolution is to not want to punch Holly Rowe in the face every time she comes on the TV screen.  I don't know what it is about her, it's not really her fault, but she drives me crazy.

#3.  I miss Friday Night Lights

#4.  I never expected to like my Toms shoes as much as I do.  Great birthday present from a friend!

#5.  I got the coolest picture frames for Christmas.  Now I just have to pick some pictures and get them on the wall.  Yep, two years in the house and nothing on the walls.  Can we say no decorating style???

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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Emily said...

my family swears by Tom's Im gonna have to get me some!!!!