Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday


Today I have lots of loves on my mind...

1.  I'm loving that we did our second fit test with Insanity tonight and I increased my reps in every exercise!!

Source: via Anna on Pinterest
2.  I'm loving spring.  Some of my tulips are up in my yard, my very favorite flower!

3.  I'm loving the shopping spree I did at Old Navy today.  I was going to show you a picture of some stuff I bought, but they are coming up way too big.  Pink shorts, a clearance dress for $8.  I hope some of it fits!

4.  I'm loving spray tans.  I got one today, and sun goddess feeling is already hitting me.
5.  I'm loving my attempt to make cheap pizza a little more gourment...

That's right, avacado on a Totino's    :-)  Not too bad

Hope you are having a great week...

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