Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Facts...

#1.  I was sent this today, and I find it hysterical... and true :-)

#2.  I cheated today with 4 Starbursts :-(

#3.  I've gotten to hang out with friends every nice this week and I love it!!

#4.  My sister is staying with me this weekend, really looking forward to that!

#5.  This accountant still hasn't started her taxes... but almost everyone else's are done!

#6.  More friends tonight.  One of my favorites is in from D.C., and I can't wait to see her!

#7.  It makes me feel so much better when I get in a regular workout schedule.

#8.  My yard is being mowed today!  I think I narrowly escaped hate mail from my neighbors or the city.  I'm not a yard person, and I tend to not notice it's getting out of hand until it's REALLY bad

#9.  I've felt just some overall anxiousness the past few days.  I'm not usually like that.  I've tried to blame it on the diet, but I really think it's because I haven't been reading my Bible.

#10.  I thought when i cracked open these pistachios I bought yesterday that they would have little pieces of gold in them since they cost an arm and a leg!!!  I think this will end my pistachio infatuation.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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