Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

I can't believe it's already Thursday.

It's time for...

It's Ok...

... that I'm a little depressed March Madness is over.  It's a long time until football season starts with only the evils of baseball in between.

... that I mAy have lost some hair this week because a co-worker called while I was waiting on my hair dye to take hold and while we were talking, it passed the allotted 10 minutes and I could feel it start burning my scalp, but I didn't know how to nicely interrupt her serious story and tell her my scalp was on fire.

...that since I was able to run a couple easy miles a couple times this week without a lot of foot pain, my mind thinks a 10 miler is going to be no problem

... that I had some people over for dinner the other night and realized later I had served a cheese based appetizer and a cheese based entree... hope everyone felt ok the next day...

...that I'm checking the Master's leader board online to see where Tiger stands only because I'm not a fan, a friend is a fan, and I want to be able to talk smack when Tiger's behind. (He's tied for 5th right now)

...that I think Starbursts taste better mixed with a mouth full of milk!

...that I'm not playing softball this summer for only the second time in 25 years. 

...that my grandparents hide a golden and silver Easter egg every year for the adults and we act like a bunch of crazy people trying to find them.  (trees have been climbed, wrestling has ensued)

...that they put me on nursery duty at church for Easter Sunday... and I have a fear people might actually use it.

...that I saw on the local news last night that my high school basketball coach is retiring, and I'm extremely concerned about his wife.  All he did was basketball all the time, I bet she'll go crazy having him at home :-)

...that I went on a hair product shopping spree online Sunday night and today at work, I have received shampoo, conditioner, and hair spray

...that I don't dye my hair as well as the stylist does.

...that I discovered some pretty blue blood vessels on my face today that run from my mouth to my chin (I'm not having fun aging)

...that I've been eating like a horse for 3 weeks

...that I made this post a little too long

Happy Thursday and Happy Easter.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember what and why we celebrate.  Thank you, Jesus!

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Rebecca said...

LOL at the golden and silver Easter eggs! I can only imagine that my family would do the same ;o) I'm with you on March Madness. Bball is my sport, and I'm not one for baseball. Happy Easter!