Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paleo, Day 1

I am not very bright.
I don't do diets.
There is a reason.
Because they make me hungry
and a little mean
and give me a headache.

But, I ignored all that and agreed to try the Paleo diet with workout cousin.
I agreed to 5 days a week.

If you don't know me, I'm picky.  I don't like healthy foods.
My dad does an unflattering impression of me as a child gagging at the table.
I don't like green food, not even green candy.
There is another catch that the above picture doesn't mention... no dairy!!!!
When I was in college, I bought milk 3 gallons at a time for myself.
Cereal is it's own food group at my house, as is spaghetti...
neither are allowed...
oh, the horrors! 

So here is the goal...
 Make it thru this thing for a couple of weeks
Challenge myself to find new ways to eat vegetables
Rid myself of sugar.
The overall goal is...
 to come out of this with an appreciation for fruits and vegetables
 eat cleaner overall
 think thru food choices
and plan meals

Today's breakfast was 2 eggs with bacon bits.
Lunch was a Newk's salad minus the cheese and crutons
And I'm not sure what dinner will be, this is were the planning meals could come in handy
I will say this, I've put my food in my Fitness Pal app, and while I'm almost always over in sugars, today, I've only had 1 gram. 
I have a headache that would make you want to slap someone, but only one gram of sugar.
Trying to look at the positives.

We'll see how it goes, wish me luck!


Melissa said...

Good luck girl! You can do it!

Amy said...

Haha. I think you are in my brain. I hate restricting what I eat. And yes, lots of wanting to slap someone. GOOD LUCK! Just imagine how awesome you'll feel in just a few days.